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Mayan Artist Colective

2008-2018 Canal Cultural Mayan Artists' Collective. We are a group formed by the artist José Chavajay, the educator Luis Yat, the rapper Tzutu Kan & the artist Manuel Chavajay. We rented a space and worked to manage and provide opportunities to young artists of San Pedro La Laguna. We worked for more than 10 years, and the programs consisted of a scholarship that lasted 8 months, girls and boys received drawing and painting workshops, concluding with an exhibition of the works in a gallery of the Paiz Foundation in Guatemala City. The fruit of the works of the girls and boys were incredible and very inspiring.  Together with the collective we also intervened in many public spaces with the creation of murals. 

Ru kamal q´a Kaslemal
Mide Wife Chona Rax
tzununya Ta Plass.jpg
Mayan elder Tat Aplas Ajchavajay
Heading 5
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