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Cultural Excursion in the
Central Mayan Highlands

  1. Introduction to Mayan Calendar, Kakaw, Mayan sound Heling and Mayan Ceremonies (one day)

  2. Geology Formation of Lake Atitlan, visiting ancient City of Chutinamit and actual larges town of Mayan people in Santiago Atitlan (Tz´ikin Jay / Tz´utujila) (one day)

  3. Sistema Milpa, in the Mayan Highlands (one day)

  4. Mayan Contemporary Arts Tour (one day)

2 Days

Firs Day: Kakaw & Mayan Ceremonies, Introduction to Mayan Calendar,

Second Day: Geology Formation of Lake Atitlan,


3 Days

Firs Day: Kakaw & Mayan Ceremonies, Introduction to Mayan Calendar,

Second Day: Geology Formation of Lake Atitlan,

Tercer Day: Mayan Contemporary Arts Tour


4 Days

Firs Day: Introduction to Mayan Calendar, Kakaw & Mayan Ceremonies

Second Day: Geology Formation of Lake Atitlan

Tercer Day: Corn Culture in the Mayan Highlands (one day)

Cuarto  Day: Mayan Contemporary Arts Tour

Photo By Cindy Lorenzo, Volcan de Fuego 

Geology Formation of Lake Atitlan

The Mayan Cultural Tour begins on the most beautiful lake in the world, Tz´ununya´ (Lake Atitlán), millions of years of geological formation can be found in this beautiful and staggered landscape, three great explosions formed Lake Atitlán, Bum !!! the first 11 million years ago, Boom !!! the second 8 million years ago and the third, Boom. Bum Bum!!! And largest 85 thousand years ago... modern volcanoes mark the fourth phase of possible explosions in the near future ... (to better understand these great natural events we will have drawings, graphs and sketches that accompany the Tour)


We will continue navigating on its iridescent waters, winds from the north “Majakutaj” and winds from the south “Quakixaja” dance over the lake "El Xocomil" (a wind that swirls over the lake), we will locate ourselves over the submerged city; Pa K´aibal or Pa Jaibal, more than 10 thousand years of history of human presence in Lake Atitlán, storms, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, pre-Hispanic migrations from the mitic TULA of the Tz´utujiles, Kaqchikeles and Kiches, forge an epic history in Lake Atitlán in the central Mayan Highlands.


Tz´utujil Nation Chuitinamit:

We will visit the ancient city of Chuitinamit, it is on a hill south of Lake Atitlán, a short walk of 20 minutes,  when the conquerors arrived on April 18, 1524 (8 Ix) the city was beautiful, houses with stone bases, adobe walls and straw roofs, with stucco and colorful murals, the city mainly exchange kakaw, feathers and skins, the city was full of birds and was the political and spiritual center of the Tz´utujil people and the Aj Tz´ikin Jay.


After visiting the pre-Hispanic centers; we will immerse ourselves in the vibrant Mayan life of the Aj Tz´ikinjay / Santiago Atitlán, In this Mayan town their traditional political organizations under the “Cabecera del Pueblo”, the Cofradias, the arts, the gastronomy,  traditional clothes, their ceremonial rituals, the traditional music, and the visit to the sacred forest of King Tepepul transformed in the feathered serpent (Quetzal- Pharomachrus mocinno) is a unique experience of seeing how the Mayan people survived from foreign invasions, colonialism, genocide, and is in constant change to solve their social, political, religious and environmental problems, Santiago Atitlán is the second largest city of indigenous population on the continent.

40$ por persons each excursion

+ Trasportation

   Boat for 1 to 6 people $80 USADollars

   Boat for 10 people $100 USAdollares

+ Food

   3 options,

      The local market, $5 USADollars

      Local food dinners, $10 USADollars

      International restaurants $50 USADollars

Sistema Milpa Tour:

We will continue our immersion in the Mayan culture with the Milpa system, (corn, beans and squash) we will learn about how Mayan women of the highlands, despite not having access to the best fertile lands for cultivation, they plant food for the Towns in small plots where they maintain a great diversity, we will visit the IMAP, in the institute  we  will find many current solutions for our integration into our natural environment and we will visit the ecologic park of Ikitiw in san Lucas Toliman.

40$ por persons each excursion

We will present a quote depending on the departure town

+ Trasportation

+ Food


Mayan Contemporary Art Tour:

We will know the work of traditional painters such as Juan Sisay, in music, we can meet Josue Cua, a living legend of traditional music (Santiago Atitlan), in  contemporary painting there are many artists who are conquering global markets such as Manuel Chavajay and Benvenuto Chavajay. We will visit the murals in San Pedro La Laguna, and the largest mural above Mayan history located in Santa Maria Visitacion.

40$ por persons each excursion

We will present a quote depending on the departure town

+ Trasportation

    Boat + Tuc Tuc Rides

+ Food


Mayan Calendar:

Facilitator e interpreted.

 introduction to the natural calendars Choolq´ij and Haab, the Choolq’ij is a human energetic calendar that governs our destiny from our birth to our transcendence to the other dimension, the Haab shows us the natural process of seeding and harvesting throughout of a solar year, this relationship with the grandparents, grandmothers, carries a great responsibility and respect on the part of the attendees, since it is not a show, rather it is an invitation to understand the spirituality of the human beings who is losing in this globalized world. (In this tour we can visit different elders depends of the needs).

10$ por person for traslation (grups of 10 people)

50$ individuals

+ Trasportation

+ Food

+ donation for the elders or Shaman

   Recomendation or more (100USADollars por person)

+ Material for cerremony



Tzutu Kan Maya Hip Hop

Santa Maria Visitacion Sololá Guatemala.

+1 502 55936780 (WhatsApp

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